Century Classics is a work in progress, of over 40 years. Located in West Berkshire, close to Lambourn (where they know a bit about horse power) Century classics has been restoring, repairing, servicing and modifying everything from Brighton run veterans to 1970s classics for over thirty years with experience of personal classics for over forty.

Here you will find a section for cars offered for sale. These vehicles belong to existing clients, generally restored and or maintained by us and sold on a commission basis. We are therefore in an ideal position to give an accurate description of each car, we do not buy unknown cars for resale.

Another section covers parts for sale, these parts have been accumulated over the years with the typical magpie attitude of every old car fanatic, just on a much larger & wider scale.

There are also parts sold on behalf of customers, if we don’t list what you want, it may well be worth emailing an enquiry, you never no what we have tucked away.

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