Paul Furr is Century Classics. He’s a classic and vintage man in more ways than one. His head’s been under a car bonnet before puberty. In fact puberty got in the way of his differential many a time.

If you ask him how he is, or maybe say ‘It’s a nice day isn’t it?’, you will be doing well if you get as much as a grunt in reply. However, if you ask him how his dual overhead cam is doing or inquire regarding the endearing features of a Lagonda’s wiring harness, you will receive an answer of complexity and depth.  You may think you had accessed a remote hard drive of a Haynes car manual including several anecdotes of similar, relevant, classic adventures going back to the invention of the wheel.

Of course, he’s not completely car mad. He has lavished much love, attention and expensive gifts on his soul mate for over 40 years. They’ve gone through thick and thin  together and they mean the world to each other.  No other Aston Martin DB24 could  be so lucky. He’s married too.

He’s fortunate to work in a world that is untouched by technology. It’s a world of leather, walnut, oil and bakelite. The last time he went to Hospital for a check up, the xrays revealed a piston from a Aston Martin where his heart should be and, his stomach – a sump from an Austen Healey 3000.

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